There are many ways to advertise with OkieWild. All Advertising packages are customizable. Here are some things to consider being a part of:


   Title Sponsorship

As a “Title” Sponsor your company’s name will accompany the title of our program. Example: ABC’s OkieWild. Your brand will always accompany our show's title.


   TV Show Guest Appearance

As a Title Sponsor you will be able to actively participate in our hunting and fishing video shoots. The guest's name and affiliation will be visible by on screen tags when appropriate, introduced at the beginning of the show as well as with voice-over when appropriate. The guest will be shown in action throughout the show, and thanked on air by the host as the show closes. Guest's products will be used and discussed on air (when appropriate) by your company's representative and the host of the show. Participating in the show will provide you constant on screen exposure throughout the entire show.


   Product Exclusivity

As a Level 1 and Level 2 sponsor, your company will have exclusive rights as the sole provider of that product type on OkieWild TV Show. OkieWild’s staff and guests will be on air using your product in the field and discussing it's effectiveness. This will insure maximum integration into the show and eliminate any competing products from use in shows filmed or produced during the sponsorship contract.


   Product Spotlight/Vignettes

This allows our viewers a closer, more detailed look into the features and benefits of your products. Product vignettes will allow OkieWild and potentially one of your representatives the opportunity promote your products in their best light through detailed on air description and demonstration. Product spotlight segments run between 1 and 2 minutes in length. These spots are included in top level packages and can be acquired stand alone if desired.


   Product Used & Endorsed

As sponsors, your products will be used on air and visible to the viewers. The viewers will see our hosts successfully using your products and endorse them on air. Efforts will be made to integrate products provided by our sponsors as long as it does not detract from show content. Displayed at the beginning and ending of each show, depending on level of sponsorship the billboard will display your company logo, phone numbers and internet addresses along with the company slogan, all of this with voice over. Product placement, TV advertising, internet advertising and other fully customized packages are also available!




For more Information on advertising on OkieWild download our Media Kit!